We believe in supporting the efforts in making your business a success. Below are a few of the projects we are or have nurtured along the way.

PAXAFE protects the shipment of high-value products via its IoT-enabled, reusable, traceable and secure packaging solution. Billions of dollars are lost annually due to theft, damage and loss of high-value items. Suppliers, couriers, customers and their respective insurance providers share in this loss. PAXAFE’s hardware and software solution proactively protects against theft and chain-of-custody failures of high-margin freight.



A popular lunch and general store located on historic museum row in downtown Louisville, KY.

Atlantic No. 5

A mouth-watering lunch location focusing on homemade items.

Nito, recently acquired by AOL, is developing animation technology and applications that will inspire communications and make messaging and social interactions more fun.




Designed for small-to-medium properties, 24/7 SUPER is a mobile-friendly maintenance solution that allows tenants to efficiently submit maintenance requests, while property managers and staff can easily prioritize task and track performance, common problems, and response times.

24/7 Super

Maintenance management made easy.

Mosquito 911, recently acquired by Go Green Lawn Solutions, is a safe and professional service that reduces the occurrence of mosquito bites by 85%. Our barrier sprays are made with a plant derivative, making them safe for kids and pets.

Mosquito 911

A bite free backyard.

Evenly, recently acquired by Square, is a digital wallet, helping people share any expense. Evenly works with financial institutions to make it easier than ever to send and receive funds. Whether you’re managing a 100-person organization or sharing apartment expenses, Evenly can help ease the pain of payment. In short, Evenly aims to simplify and make enjoyable our daily financial activities.



Group payments made, well, evenly.

Management services for the real estate community.

Atlas Management

An expanding, diverse portfolio of multi-family communities and office buildings.

Atlas Properties